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What is a College Showcase?

If you’re a good soccer player and have aspirations of going to university/college to play soccer and receive a world class education, then these college showcases are for you. These are the places where you will first get noticed but scouts and head coaches which can potentially offer you a scholarship.

Why College Showcases?

We are here for you! The Bridge Tournament is a sports-based community platform which bridges the gap of taking an athlete from Africa to America. This is done through the game of soccer. We believe that sport is the perfect stage to award opportunities to talented athletes to study and play soccer abroad. At this tournament we will be giving athletes an opportunity to be noticed and pursue their career in America. This will be the first and inaugural tournament in Kenya and we will continue to grow throughout Africa. The event will be held annually.


College showcases provide opportunities to compete in a challenging environment and showcase what you can on the field. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience what life could be like at the level you thinking of going. Players will be competing amongst many other athletes looking to further their future in the United States

Objectives of the College Showcase